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Racing Schedule 2016/17

Race 1 - 10th Sept (RaceQs Replay)
Race 2 - 24th Sept (RaceQs Replay)
Race 3 - 8th Oct (RaceQs Replay)
Race 4 - 22nd Oct (RaceQs Replay)
Race 5 - 5th Nov (No Race)
Race 6 - 19th Nov (RaceQs Replay)*
Race 7 - 3rd Dec (RaceQs Replay)
Race 8 - 10th Dec
Race 9 - 14th Jan
Race 10 - 28th Jan
Race 11 - 11th Feb
State Champs - 4/5th Mar
Race 12 - 18th Mar
Race 13 - 1st April
* You will see 2 Quattros in this race - ignore the one behind!

Cavalcade - Special Edition!

When attending the Cavalier 28 Annual Dinner/Prize Giving at the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron on Friday, 6 May, a couple of people mentioned to me that they enjoyed reading the Cavalcade Newsletter. I was happy to hear that as having been the editor of the newsletter for the last 16 years, I must say I am finding it difficult with each new edition to say something interesting, newsworthy or amusing.
During the night, it also struck me that when a couple of the crew members from the various boats were asked to give a brief comment on the highs and lows of the last season, a couple of people, myself included, made comment about the last race held on 2 April.
This gave me an idea to do something a little different, a Cavalcade about just one race from a very personal perspective, a view from the nut behind the wheel...[more]

Saturday Series

Race 11 replay is here
Race 10 replay is here
Race 9 replay is here
Race 8 replay is here
Race 7 replay is here
Race 6 replay is here
Race 5 replay is here
Race 4 replay is here

Racing Rules - Did You Know

Did you know that the only time a 360 turn is appropriate as an exoneration is for touching a mark (unless varied by the SIs, as during the SHR)?  In all other cases (including a port/starboard offence), you are exonerated (if it is possible at all) by a 720 turn.

In fact, the terms 360 & 720 are not entirely appropriate.  All that is really required is one (or two) tack and one (or two) gybe in the same direction.  It is not required to complete the full 360 (or 720) degree turn!

If after taking your penalty turns you are still at an advantage having infringed the rules, your only remaining option is to retire!

Click here for a Rules Quiz from David Dellenbaugh's bi-monthly newsletter.

Cav's Crossing

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Sydney Harbour Cam

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