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Welcome to the Web Site of the Cavalier 28 Association! We are keen to hear from you about what you would like to see on your web site. Whether you are a paid-up member or not, please consider this your home off the water! Of course we would love you to join us formally & support the Association through your membership.

Cavalier 28 boats for sale - Details

Quambi, Scuttlebutt, Blind Justice, Basilisk and Centaurus starting Race 6

Image: John Jeremy

RaceQs Replays 2019-2020 Season

14 Sept - Race 1 Course G - RaceQs Replay

28 Sept - Race 2 Course G - RaceQs Replay

12 Oct - Race 3 Course G - RaceQs Replay

26 Oct - Race 4

9 Nov - Race 5

23 Nov - Race 6

7 Dec - Race 7

14 Dec - Race 8

RaceQs is the exciting way to review your races and improve your on the water performance. By logging your track and comparing it with other competitors you are able to see where you are doing well and what aspect you need to improve.

Are your competitors sailing closer to the wind and slower or a little more bow down & fast?

Are you keeping up down wind but need to get your changes done quicker or taking off from the mark but losing ground in the drag race to the down wind mark?

How is your tacking? Fast and furious? Or just furious?!!!

All becomes clear as you use this amazing tool to fine tune your performance.

See the RaceQs page for replays of last season, tips, examples and more.