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Vale Guy Keon

Ariki downwind!

We recently received the following sad news from Sam Hayne-Keon, Guy Keon's son.

Guy Keon passed away on Friday 1st February 2019, he was 80. He was still sailing as regularly as his health permitted out of the CYCA. He's survived by 6 kids and 14 grandchildren. And too many boats to count!

The Cav 28's are still an active association and regularly racing. He will also be remembered as the builder of Kay Cottee's First Lady which is on permanent display at the Australian Maritime Museum.

His funeral will be held on Tuesday 12th followed by a wake at the CYCA, fittingly Tuesday's were his sailing day.

He sailed away peacefully from us after a bit of bad weather and will be hugely missed.

Rod Mitchell, one of first owners of a Cavalier 28 said "Guy was a car salesman with great foresight. He bought the original boat from NZ, where they had a class in operation. Together with Norm Brown they built the Cavalier 28—with Guy’s money, and Norm’s expertise. Norm’s boat ARIKI was the first built, and my boat CENTAURUS was the second, launched in January 1982. Not only are they great performing racing craft, but also great cruising boats."

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Cavalcade Spring Edition

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2018/2019 Series

Quambi, Scuttlebutt, Blind Justice, Basilisk and Centaurus starting Race 6

Image: John Jeremy

8 Sept - Race 1 - RaceQs Replay

22 Sept - Race 2 - RaceQs Replay

6 Oct - Race 3 - Abandoned

20 Oct - Race 4 - RaceQs Replay

3 Nov - Race 5 - RaceQs Replay

17 Nov - Race 6 - RacQs Replay

("Quambi 2" near front of fleet is actually Basilisk!)

1 Dec - Race 7 - RaceQs Replay

15 Dec - Race 8 - RaceQs Replay

19 Jan - Race 9

2 Feb - Race 10

9 Feb - Race 11 - RaceQs Replay

2/3 Mar - Syd Hbr Regatta & State Champos

9 Mar - Race 12

23 Mar - Race 13

6 Apr - Race 14

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RaceQs is the exciting way to review your races and improve your on the water performance. By logging your track and comparing it with other competitors you are able to see where you are doing well and what aspect you need to improve.

Are your competitors sailing closer to the wind and slower or a little more bow down & fast?

Are you keeping up down wind but need to get your changes done quicker or taking off from the mark but losing ground in the drag race to the down wind mark?

How is your tacking? Fast and furious? Or just furious?!!!

All becomes clear as you use this amazing tool to fine tune your performance.

See the RaceQs page for replays of last season, tips, examples and more.

Cavalcade Autumn Edition

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