• Always ensure your phone is fully charged. Recording a whole race can use quite a lot of your battery!
  • Make sure that your phone time is synchronised to the mobile network time. Failing to do this will likely result in your track being wrongly timed (too far ahead/behind). On Android, select Automatic Time Zone and Automatic Date and Time
  • Remember to start recording! RaceQs has a Preset Start so you can tell it to start automatically a few minutes before race time. (It will also automatically stop when you start driving after the race!)

Race replays


8 Sept - Race 1 - RaceQs Replay

22 Sept - Race 2 - RaceQs Replay

20 Oct - Race 4 - RaceQs Replay

3 Nov - Race 5 - RaceQs Replay

17 Nov - Race 6 - RaceQs Replay


Race 1 - 9 Sept - RaceQs Replay

Race 2 - 23 Sept - RaceQs Replay

Race 3 - 7 Oct - RaceQs Replay

Race 4 - 21 Oct - RaceQs Replay

Race 5 - 4 Nov - RaceQs Replay

Race 6 - 18 Nov - RaceQs Replay

Race 7 - 2 Dec - RaceQs Replay

Race 8 - 16 Dec - RaceQs Replay

Race 9 - Cancelled

Race 10 - 27 Jan - RaceQs Replay

Race 11 - 10 Feb - RaceQs Replay

Race 13 - 17 Mar - RaceQs Replay


Race 1 - 10th Sept (RaceQs Replay)

Race 2 - 24th Sept (RaceQs Replay)

Race 3 - 8th Oct (RaceQs Replay)

Race 4 - 22nd Oct (RaceQs Replay)

Race 5 - 5th Nov (No Race)

Race 6 - 19th Nov (RaceQs Replay)*

Race 7 - 3rd Dec (RaceQs Replay)

Race 8 - 10th Dec (RaceQs Replay)

Race 9 - 14th Jan (RaceQs Replay)

Race 10 - 28th Jan (RaceQs Replay)

Race 11 - 11th Feb (RaceQs Replay**)

State Champs - 4/5th Mar

Race 12 - 18th Mar

Race 13 - 1st April (RaceQs Replay)

* You will see 2 Quattros in this race - ignore the one behind!

** First section of Quambi track is invented!

How Well do you tack?

Compared to Centaurus, say?! Let's take a look at a couple of snapshots from RaceQs for the last race of the season and see (one reason) why they do so well against you! You think it's just because they sail faster. But look how fast they tack! You might not notice it on the water, but after the race, on the screen, all is laid bare on RaceQs. And, if you can do something about it, next time, you'll do better against them.

We are looking at Centaurus and, well, another boat! Blue is slow, green is fast. Short blue section after a tack = fast tack recovery. Long blue section, slow tack recovery. Look how short the blue section is on Centaurus' track! Just before starting their first tack, Centaurus were 361m ahead to windward. After they had both completed 2 tacks Centaurus had increased their lead to 468m! In just those two tacks Centaurus gained 107m over their rival! At 5.5 knots (3.9 knots VMG), they pulled ahead of them by 50 seconds!!

That's the sort of insight that RaceQs can bring to your on-the-water performance. Now all you have to do is fix it!


Take a look at this great battle between U2 and Centaurus in the same race. At one point they are neck & neck but in the end, Craig sees the BB mark, points Centaurus almost directly into the wind without slowing down (how does he do that?!) and rounds the mark nearly 50m ahead of U2 despite having tacked twice more than Andrew!